Why do 2,000+ businesses love Hugodaimond?

Hugodiamond is the procurement processor of choice for some of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria. Here're 5 reasons why.

1) Instant and Hitch-free importation

Hugodiamond is the fastest and simplest way to start importing from China to Nigeria. From signup to placing order will only take 4 minutes. Seriously!

2)Simple and transparent pricing

Zero maintenance fee. Hugodiamond only charges a tiny fee for procurement, which means we literally grow when you grow, and we work hard to ensure every transaction, shipment and delivery to your location succeed.

3) Pay your suppliers anywhere in China

The internet has no borders, and neither should your business. With Hugodiamond, you can make payments to international suppliers wherever they are in China. You can make payments in Naira or USD and we will pay your supplier(s) or your relation in ¥ Chinese Yuan.

4)Monitor your business performance while on the move

Track your most important business metrics on your mobile device. Monitor info such as processing, payment confirmation, quotation, location of goods and delivery, success rates, and more!

5) Understand exactly how your business is performing.

Hugodiamond provides detailed reports and information, so you and your team are always on top of business.


Hundreds of Nigeria business rely on us to handle thier procurement, shipping and logistics needs from China.

Air freight is available for lighter goods that require fast
and secure delivery.

We provide ocean freight services for large and bulky containers for our esteemed customers.

We don't just stop at the ports, we deliver your goods to your doorstep.