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At Hugo Diamond, we let businesses leverage our experience, our people and our technology to PROCURE, PAY AND SHIP anything from China to their location.

It is Simple; it is Safe and it is Fun!

Our Procurement Services

We make procurement and shipping from China easy.


We enable people to purchase from Chinese websites. We make the purchases through the link(s) you provided to us after you have searched and gotten the products you need from any of these Chinese websites,,,, pinduoduo.comand so many other sites. Our team will place the order on your behalf, inspect the products for high quality, make the payments for you and prepare for immediate shipping to your location. This service provides TWO Options.

Procurement and Shipping

Here, we handle everything for you, from buying goods online using the links you provided to packaging and then shipping your orders to your location in Nigeria. We follow up on your order to ensure they get safely to you. We contact and negotiate with the supplier or shops on your behalf, should you need to make some changes on the products, reduce or increase the quantity (MOQ). This service attracts 4% of the total amount of goods we are purchasing for you.

Procurement Only

Here, we handle only the purchases and payments and then send the goods to any preferred agent(s) you provide his/her information to us. We will contact you before sending your goods to your agents and after they have received the goods and at that point, we hands-up. This service attracts 4% of the total amount of goods we are purchasing for you.


We help our customers procure any commodities from any Chinese Manufacturer or company. This includes all kinds of goods excluding drugs and illegal goods. We can also help them to find the best China supplier or manufacturer for any of their procurement needs. Under this service, customers have the ability to make special orders by giving us a description of what they want, how they want it to be customized and the name and logo they what on the products. This service also offers TWO Options.

Our Payment Services

We help people to pay their suppliers or send money to anyone in China in minutes; relatives, friends and partners. We use Chinese Bank payment, Alipay payment, Wechat payment and QQ payment. It is FREE! No charges apply.

Local delivery services:

We won't relent until the goods get to our customers’ hands. All the items procured and shipped by us are sent to our Lagos Office and our dispatch department will text you for pick up, but if you live outside Lagos, we will deliver your goods to you in any part of the country. We also offer home delivery in Lagos. The price for local delivery depends on the shipping weight of the goods and the location where the goods will be delivered. Let’s help you to grow your Business together.


Hundreds of Nigeria business rely on us to handle thier procurement, shipping and logistics needs from China.

Air freight is available for lighter goods that require fast
and secure delivery.

We provide ocean freight services for large and bulky containers for our esteemed customers.

We don't just stop at the ports, we deliver your goods to your doorstep.