Pricing And Exchange Rate

Our pricing and exchange rate:

¥1= N55
$1= N365
$1= ¥6.9
For procurement
5% of the total cost of goods procured

Shipping Cost:

Please note that items purchased takes between 3-5 days to get to our office in China from various suppliers. Goods are shipped out to Nigeria when items are received from suppliers. Please note that shipping duration starts from date of ship out from China.

Express Shipping

$8.4 per kg
₦500 per kg for clearing
1-3 days

Air Cargo

$4.9 per kg
₦430/kg clearance
6 – 10 days

Sea Shipping

$90 per CBM including clearing
1 - 60 days

For phone:

¥150 per phone
24-48 hours

For Laptop:

¥230 per laptop
24-48 hours

Note: Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, current exchange rates and shipping costs are liable to changes. You have the right to choose any of the above shipping methods. We follow-up every goods we ship to make sure they are delivered within the stated time and in good condition.

Thank you for choosing Hugodiamond Logistics.


Nigerian and Ghanian businesses can now import straight from China manufacturers without the usaul hassles associated with it.

Air freight is available for lighter goods that require fast
and secure delivery.

We provide ocean freight services for large and bulky containers for our esteemed customers.

We don't just stop at the ports, we deliver your goods to your doorstep.