At Hugo Diamond, we help people and brands to leverage our experience in mini-importation and our vast network of Chinese partners to safely procure goods in China that would help them to grow their bottom line.

Our solutions are simple and yet, very effective.

China Sourcing Agent

Buying in bulk from China could be quite a process, tedious and time-consuming, so we utilize technology and our experience in Chinese procurement to solve this problem for ambitious businesses.

At Hugo Diamond, we provide one-stop China sourcing solution. As a leading agency in procurement services, we have helped people and businesses to find the best China suppliers and manufacturers for their procurement needs.

Over time, we have worked with large numbers of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers and we have established a stable relationship with 500+ Chinese suppliers and factories to meet your procurement needs and get competitive prices.

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We Help People Buy from China

At Hugo Diamond, we make buying goods from China easy, convenient and funby crafting personalized experiences for customers.

We enable our customers to purchase from Chinese websites or help them procure directly from the manufacturers; whichever method the customer chooses we are always involved from the beginning to the end.

Over time, we have worked with large numbers of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers and we have established a stable relationship with 500+ Chinese suppliers and factories to meet your procurement needs and get competitive prices.

Our team receives the orders, negotiate for best prices, then make the purchase on behalf of clients and then prepares the goods for shipping. From the procurementto packaging, our team are fully involved to ensure our customers are satisfied.

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We Help Them Ship from China

We have worked with a lot of people and businesses in Nigeria and across the continent to ship their cargoes from China to their locations and monitors the transit until their goods get to them.

At Hugo Diamond, we offer a full suite of quality and cost-effective services by Air, Land and Sea for imports from China. With our unmatched expertise in freight handling, we deliver value-added services that enhance your business.

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You have probably heard people complain about wrong procurement, their goods being mishandled or their shipping delayed.

But with us, it’s entirely different and that’s because our approach is unique:


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Pick your goods

Browse through the website of our listed partners to pick your goods.

You place your order

Copy the links of the goods you want to import and submit to us. If you want a custom solution, give us a description of the goods you want to import.

We procure from China

We act on your orders and personally procure the goods you requested.

We package your goods

We carefully package your goods for safe shipment.

We ship from China

We select the best shipping service and freight to your location in good condition.

We keep you informed

We monitor the shipment and regularly keep you informed.

Nation-wide delivery

We clear your goods and deliver to your door-step

You grow your business

Our value-added services and the high-profit margin will enhance your business.


Hugo Diamond is built on the foundation of excellence and high-quality delivery and our operations are positioned to do so, closely guided by these deeply held core principles:


Love for our people, for our clients and in what we do is at the centre of everything we do.


We manifest unwavering adherence to strict moral and ethical character.

Customers Satisfaction

We consistently strive to exceed customers’ expectations.


Your objectives and deadlines are always at the centre of our thinking.


We deliver personalized experiences and work closely alongside you to deliver a solution that would make you come back.


We support you all the way until you receive your packages and in good condition.

This is why 1300+ choose us and rate us as No 1.


Here are what makes us the best Chinese procurement services in Nigeria.


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Don’t take our words for it, here are what our customers say about us.


    Your Serive is very nice. What I love most is making sure my goods are in good condition. I love your services. I searched for products on 1688.com and sent the links to them and they bought it and shipped to me in Nigeria.

  • Ken

    Shipping to Ghana. Hugo Diamond makes importations from china easy for small startups like me.

  • Tope

    Great Customer Service

  • Emeka

    Fast delivery and I recieved my order in perfect condition.