All items purchased are first delivered to our Chinese warehouse by the Suppliers before we ship to Nigeria
Please update a valid mail address as all updates on your dashboard would be sent to your mail
All items paid for are purchased but please note that ALL YOUR items would have to be delivered by your suppliers to our warehouse before we ship out.
Our pricing and current exchange rate are fair and transparent. Please visit our pricing and exchange page to learn about them.
Starting a mini-importation business from China is not quite expensive. You can always start with any amount and then scale up as your business grows. Just login to your dashboard on our website and start immediately with the amount you have and in about 2 weeks, you would get your procured goods at your doorstep.
We can help you to import virtually anything from China to Nigeria and ship safely to Nigeria without hassles. Of course, except for banned goods and any type of drug.
All quotations are processed within 24 hours. However, if you fail to receive yours after 24 hours please feel free to contact us.
We don’t have a return policy because we don’t stock, manufacture or produces the goods we help customers to procure and ship. However, our clients are advised to read up the return policy of the suppliers they intend to buy their goods from.
We offer Express, sea and air freights
This depends on the shipping option you decide to go for. Express takes between 1-3 days to get to Nigeria from our Chinese office, while sea freight takes between is 7-10 days.
Definitely, you would receive your orders if shipped by us. However, you can always contact us through our customer care chat button, through email or calls should you notice delay in the delivery of your order.
Complain to us attaching your order number and we will notify the supplier
There is an edit button attached to every order placed on your dashboard. Use the button to effect all the changes you want.
We have offices both in China and Nigeria and our front desk staff would always be available to attend to you. You can visit the Contact Us page to view the addresses or the website footer below.
Be certain of the sizes you input while placing your order
We will ship your orders immediately our Chinese office receives all your orders from the suppliers.


Hundreds of Nigeria business rely on us to handle thier procurement, shipping and logistics needs from China.

Air freight is available for lighter goods that require fast
and secure delivery.

We provide ocean freight services for large and bulky containers for our esteemed customers.

We don't just stop at the ports, we deliver your goods to your doorstep.