About Us

Powering a new generation of entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa

Hugodiamond is a technology company solving procurement problems for ambitious business oriented minds. Our mission is to help businesses in Africa become profitable, globalised and innovative. We are situated in China with our branches in Nigeria, our key objective is the Chinese market to you, through helping you to purchase products from Chinese websites and manufacturers/ suppliers with ease, safe, convenient and profitable by offering better solutions, strategized and customized services to our valued clients. We help Africans, mostly Nigerians to purchase and ship from China to Nigeria and some other African Countries.

A growth engine for modern businesses in Africa

Hugodiamond builds technology to help Africa’s best businesses grow from new startups, to market leaders by launching new business models. We make it easy for businesses to procure and make payments to multiple manufacturers and suppliers and then we provide tools to help you retain existing customers, and acquire new ones. As makers and business owners ourselves, we’re inspired by a vision of millions of exceptional businesses across the continent that are profitable, envied and loved. We believe that in our lifetime, businesses in Africa will routinely go toe to toe with the best companies on the planet, and win. Building that world gives us purpose and concern every day. Hugodiamond has a professional, competent and committed team that helps you negotiate, purchase and ship your goods to you within a stated time period. Our support doesn’t end when your package leaves China, we are there in every step of the way to ensure you receive your package on time, and in perfect condition. Our services are highly professionalized, unique and rooted in our core values: Love, Trust, Integrity,Competence and Reliability. We love you and want to give you a unique platform that will make you feel and be the entrepreneur you dreamed of being. With love, trust, commitment and dedication you and Hugodiamond can achieve all !!!


Nigerian and Ghanian businesses can now import straight from China manufacturers without the usaul hassles associated with it.

Air freight is available for lighter goods that require fast
and secure delivery.

We provide ocean freight services for large and bulky containers for our esteemed customers.

We don't just stop at the ports, we deliver your goods to your doorstep.